Mariners’ Museum, Newport News, Virginia

In 2017, The Mariners’ Museum and Park  showcased the work of The Hampton Roads Ship Model Society (HRSMS) for its 50th Anniversary.  Founded in 1967, HRSMS provides a venue for model builders to network and improve their modeling skills. 

The exhibit contained more than 50 models crafted over the HRSMS’ 50-year history. The large array, created by about 20 different society members, was on display representing military craft, pleasure craft, small working boats, and historical boats familiar to the general public, such as the USS Monitor and CSS Virginia.

As current Skipper of HRSMS, I thanked the Museum for giving us the opportunity to share our creations, which represent a lifetime of effort by a group  whose meticulous workmanship would otherwise go unappreciated.

The temporary exhibit opened on Saturday, August 5, 2017  and ran through February 11, 2018.

The DE-443 at home with her shiplings.

IPMS Old Dominion Open, Richmond, Virginia

On February 24, 2018 the annual International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) competition and exposition was convened in Richmond, Virginia. I drove up from my home in Hampton to take part in the event. The Hampton Roads Ship Model Society (HRSMS), of which I am a member, both sponsored some of the trophies and participated enthusiastically in the Old Dominion Open contest.  The ride up to Richmond went trouble free, albeit not without a few frayed nerves as construction on the highways left the ride less than gentle. The event went well and was enjoyed by all.

The Hampton Roads Ship Model Society set up shop and showcased some of our models. The multi-media display brought a lot of attention to our table.

The members’ clutch. No doubt discussing very important modeling matters.

The media display station. Several monitors showed programs, photos and build logs of projects complete.
The Old Dominion Open was well attended and appeared to break attendance records.
Marty and Ryland, of the HRSMS, talk it up with customers at Ryland’s vendor stand.
Dave, Tony and John, also HRSMS members,  help out with a fellow member’s model stand. It’s all about thinning the collection so they can buy more.
Apparently, things went well and most of the models were sold.
Bruce Brown with his ship model entries. Good luck with the judges.
Our club’s secretary and editor, Tom Saunders, admires the SS UNITED STATES. The largest entry in the modeling field…by far!
The model drew a lot of eyes and a few fingers. I was not far from them at any time.

Accepting one of the several accolades that the boat won.

The SS UNITED STATES model took First Place in its Civil Ships category, Best Maritime Award and Contestant’s Choice Award.               I couldn’t have been more pleased.

At home in Virginia

Moving the SS United States into its permanent place was challenging.  The boat had to be carried thru the house and into the Gallery Room. It took five of us and the better part of an hour to wrangle the model into place.

The model case I had ordered needed to be cleaned inside and out before mounting it to the base.
Of course, there were spots missed and redone.
With the help of my entourage, Tom, Bill, Carlo and Paul, we muscled the case around for more cleaning.
The BIG moment is at hand. Moving the boat thru the house in and out of doors and into the “Gallery.”
Gingerly placing the case onto the base. The case weighed nearly one hundred pounds by itself.
Not smiles…grimaces!
Nudging the whole assembly onto its final berth. Total weight of model and case was close to two hundred pounds.
Not really sure if everyone was in agreement on its final placement.
But, in the end, that’s where it was going to stay.
Bill inspects the boat for any problems arising from the move. We all agreed that the case was NOT coming off again.
The gallery room complete. Now to start on the next model. There’s still room for one more.

My awards for the boat from the IPMS show in Richmond.

My favorite award was that for the admiration of fellow modelers at the show, the Contestants’ Choice Award. It spoke the loudest to me.